King David of Israel was a skilled warrior and wise leader, but his life was far from perfect. David’s struggle with sexual temptation and passivity as a parent almost cost him the kingdom.  Thankfully God is always in control no matter who sits on the throne.

Join us this winter as we conclude the “Kingdom Trilogy” with a message series that chronicles David’s rule over Israel and points us to Jesus, the perfect King who reigns forever.    

Jan 31 – Why You Should Never Talk Trash to a King

Feb 7 – Can’t Touch This

Feb 14 – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Feb 21 – A Not-So-Random Act Of Kindness

Feb 28 – One Decision Away

Mar 6 – How To Wreck Your Family…And Career

Mar 13 – How To Set Your Kids Up For Success

Mar 20 – The Best Promise Ever! (Lord's Supper Observed)


Part One of the Kingdom Trilogy (Royal Failure) is available through our iTunes Podcast. Part Two (A House Divided) is available online and through our iTunes Podcast.